10 Amazing Outer Space Books For Your Preschooler

Is your preschooler fascinated with all things space? Let's take off in our personal spaceship to the outer world and catch some stars. Here’s a list of books that will help make the journey exciting.

By Aarthi Arun  • 5 min read

10 Amazing Outer Space Books For Your Preschooler

5...4...3...2..1...Blast off! Sounds familiar? It most definitely will if you happen to have a preschooler around. A blazing rocket shooting up into outer space at breakneck speed seems to pique any preschooler’s interest. Add the inky-black night sky, sparkling stars, mysterious spaceships and quirky aliens to the equation — you end up with a child whose imagination is running wild.

Here we recommend some outer space books for preschoolers to discover the unseen world. In fact, there are many books about planets for kids or even books about the solar system for preschoolers that you can gift your little one. The list below is something to begin with.

List of outer space books for kids 

1. Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton

Publisher: Kingfisher

This book is a part of the famous 'Amazing Machines' collection by Tony Mitton. The book summarises how rockets work, in a simple rhyming language. Your preschooler will learn that space is a silent place and that the astronauts in space are light, so they have to buckle up tight. Ant Parker's colourful and comical illustrations of the animal crew whizzing into outer space add to the fun in this informative book.

2. I Want to be an Astronaut by Byron Barton

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

With only a handful of sentences, this book powerfully captures a young girl's passion to become an astronaut. She aspires to go on a space mission, to fix satellites and to live in zero gravity. Preschoolers will especially appreciate the vivid illustrations in this award-winning book.

3. On the Moon by Anna Milbourne

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

As the name suggests, On the Moon tells you what exactly happens on the moon in an easy-to-understand language. Told in a second person narrative by a small girl, the book encourages your child to imagine herself as the protagonist. Thanks to the friendly visuals, she will be enticed into a magical journey to the moon.

4. How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Publisher: UK Children's

A little boy loves stars and wants to catch one to be his friend. Should he use his rocket ship or fly on a seagull or lasso it with his father's lifeboat? Full of tender illustrations, the boy's story of dreams and disappointments will strike a positive chord with your little one.

5. The Color Thief by Gabriel Alborozo

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Zot's planet is gray with no colour at all. Entranced by the melange of colours on Earth, Zot travels to Earth and decides to take away some colours to his own planet. When he is about to run away with his loot, something stops him in his tracks. Your child will learn some valuable lessons about kindness, friendship, and doing the right thing from this heart-warming tale.

6. Life on Mars by Jon Agee

Publisher: Dial Books

The world's first (little) astronaut goes on an epic journey to find life on Mars in this funny space travel book. He comes with a box of chocolate cupcakes as a gift for the Martians. But in the barren Martian land, there is no sign of life. You and your child will have a good laugh reading this book about space exploration.

7. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Monica wants to play with the moon and asks her father to get it for her. Monica's father climbs the tallest mountain with his tallest ladder to get the moon. What happens when you take away the moon? Your preschooler can relate to the unexpected but hopeful ending.

8. The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, tells his own childhood story in this warm book. Chris is terribly afraid of the dark and is scared to sleep on his own in his room. As he watches the first astronauts landing on the moon on TV, Chris realises that outer space is the darkest of all places and that he wants to be an astronaut. This space exploration book will inspire your little ones to face their fears.

9. Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney

Publisher: RHUS

Your preschooler can envisage the vastness of the outer space through this book. With bright and bold illustrations, the book gives a factual account of our galaxy, solar system, and planets. It also suggests the possibility of a parallel universe which can lead to a healthy debate with your preschooler.

10. The Big Dipper by Franklin M Branley

Publisher: Harper Collins

Get ready to go on a star-gazing trip with this interesting space book for kids. Open your child to the starlit world of wonder as you learn to recognise the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper constellations with this non-fiction book. It also talks about navigation using stars in the olden times.

Help your child soar high by feeding their imagination and curiosity about outer space with the above list of books about space for kids.

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