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    3. Looking for Mother's Day gifts for a new mom? Here are 8 amazing ideas to surprise her

    Looking for Mother's Day gifts for a new mom? Here are 8 amazing ideas to surprise her

    Sindhu Shivalingam Sindhu Shivalingam 4 Mins Read

    Sindhu Shivalingam Sindhu Shivalingam


    Written by Sindhu Shivalingam and published on 13 May 2021.

    Want to surprise your sister or best friend who has just become a new mom? Here are some of the best gift ideas for new moms to choose from. Delight her on this Mother’s Day with a unique gift!

    Looking for Mother's Day gifts for a new mom? Here are 8 amazing ideas to surprise her

    When there is a newborn in the house, the focus is mostly on the little one. Visitors bring clothes and baby care accessories, and even gifts for the mother invariably consist of supplies or essentials for her baby. So, if you have a relative, sister, or best friend who has just become a new mom, make her feel truly loved with some thoughtful gifts.

    A new mom hardly has time for herself, so look for practical yet special goodies, items, or things that will make her day a little less stressful.

    Best gift ideas for new moms

    Here are some great ideas for gifts you can give a new mom.

    1. A soothing shower or spa kit

    Bath time is a luxury for a new mom. And wouldn’t she love feeling refreshed after a relaxing shower? Gift your friend a whole range of natural bath and body products. Fill a basket with a pleasant-smelling body wash, loofah, a soft towel, shampoo, a natural room freshener, a scented candle and anything more that you think will please her. Toss in items that will make her everyday bath experience true luxury.

    2. Food subscription

    In the first three months, stealing time away from an infant will be next to impossible for the new mom. So, getting the opportunity to sit down for a meal will be extremely difficult. Imagine, having to cook in such circumstances! If your friend is someone who can use help in food preparation, sign her up for a subscription to homemade and home-delivered meals. Even better, ask her what she’d like to eat and order that for her. Treat her to some tasty and nutritious food now and then.

    3. Comfortable pajamas and scarves

    Yes, your friend or sister-in-law would love to step out of the home, but she’d mostly prefer to walk out in her PJs than wear anything fancy. Why don’t you choose comfortable yet trendy sets for her? Add some accessories — a feeding stole, a luxurious shawl, or a nice-looking shrug. Button-down T-shirts and shirts will also come in handy for the comfort and convenience offered while nursing the baby. Let her look her best at all times!

    4. A sophisticated diaper bag

    You get a good diaper bag for a new mom and you’ll be in her thoughts every day, at least for the next 10 months! A new mom cannot imagine stepping out without a huge list of baby gear. So, get her a fashionable diaper bag. Make sure it’s spacious, has lots of compartments and separate pockets for feeding bottles and flasks. If she prefers backpacks, get a backpack diaper bag. If she likes to sling a bag across her shoulders, look for one that could also serve as a handbag.

    5. A useful gadget

    Gift the new mom a phone with plenty of storage and see how elated she feels. Every new mom generally is very hands-on when it comes to gadgets — be it a smartphone or a camera. The device is used to communicate, download parenting or reading apps and audiobooks and note down appointments or vaccination schedules. What's more, a new mom also loves capturing moments and memories with her little one. So, look for a phone with a good quality camera. You could also gift her a digital or a Polaroid camera.

    6. At-home spa

    Find a friendly and professional home spa, and pamper your friend to bits. Let her enjoy the calming treatment while you watch the baby. The feel-good effect of the spa will rejuvenate her and, leave her relaxed and refreshed.

    7. A professional photoshoot

    Every new mom, in many instances, wishes to freeze time, so as to enjoy her newborn's cute behavior. Arrange for a professional photo shoot for the family, so she can hold on to these sweet memories forever.

    8. Cleaning services

    Maintaining a clean home while managing a newborn wouldn’t be easy. There are several apps to book cleaning services. So, find the best one, schedule an appointment so that your friend's home gets thoroughly cleaned. But, make sure it is at a time that suits her. In fact, she’ll be eternally thankful if you could arrange such a service, right before her delivery as well. What a great treat to be welcomed to a clean home with her precious newborn!

    That’s a good long list we have made, we hope you have decided on what you will get the new mother, who is very dear to you. Of course, you could always offer her your time.

    You could take care of the baby while she takes a long shower or a short nap. Else, you could even just sit with her and chat as she nurses the baby. Help her change the baby's clothes, make her a cup of tea, offer to help her clean the house. Accompany her during doctor visits if required or simply be around for company. A new mother may need a lot of things, but what she’d best appreciate is your time.


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